In 2016 YNAP consolidated its leading position with a robust performance and growth in profitability.
We continue to demonstrate our superiority across all the sectors in which we operate. Our unique service, unbeatable product selection, outstanding content and continuous innovation makes us the first destination of choice for customers who trust us as a leading fashion authority.

Constantly evolving, we are building the luxury retail ecosystem of the future, providing luxury brands with bespoke partnerships.


  •   Full-year net revenues of Euro 1,871 million, up 17.7% on an organic1 basis (+12.4% reported) compared to pro- forma2 net revenues of Euro 1,665 million in 2015. Fourth-quarter net revenues up 19.2% on an organic basis (+11.4% reported), accelerating on the first nine months of the year (+17.1% organic)–-> Solid full-year organic performance across all business lines: Multi-brand In-Season net revenues up 16.0%, Multi-brand Off-Season net revenues up 19.5%, Gross Merchandise Value of Online Flagship Stores (GMV3)up 23.7%

    –-> Positive growth in all key regions in 2016

  •   Full-year adjusted EBITDA4 of Euro 156 million, +17.0% compared to pro-forma adjusted EBITDA of Euro 133 million in 2015. EBITDA at Euro 143 million, +13.4% compared to pro-forma EBITDA of 126 million in 2015
  •   Full-year adjusted net income5 of Euro 69 million, +16.0% compared to pro-forma adjusted net income of 60 million in 2015. After Euro 26 million of non-cash amortisation related to the Purchase Price Allocation (“PPA”)6 net of its related tax effect and 9 million of non-cash costs relating to incentive plans net of their related tax effects, net income at Euro 34 million in 2016. This compares to pro-forma net income of 53 million in 2015, which, as opposed to full-year 2016 net income, was not affected by the PPA-related amortisation
  •   Positive net financial position at Euro 105 million compared to Euro 62 million at 31 December 2015
  •   Key Performance Indicators:
    –  28.8 million average monthly unique visitors, compared with 26.77 million in 2015
    –  8.4 million orders, compared with 7.1 million in 2015
    –  Euro 334 AOV (Average Order Value), compared with Euro 352 in 2015, mainly reflecting unfavourable exchange rate movements
    –  2.9 million active customers, compared with 2.5 million in 2015


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